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This Department coordinates enrollment of Omani students, who graduated from high or counterpart schools in Oman or abroad, in the higher education institutions.

  • The following categories may benefit from the HEAC to get enrolment into the higher education institutions:
  • Students who finished high school in Oman in current academic year.
  • Students who obtained qualifications equivalent to the high school certificate in Oman in 2007/ 2008. This category includes graduates of Guards Technical College, Bilingual Private Schools that grant international certificates in Oman.
  • Students who obtained high school certificates from abroad in current academic year..
  • Students who obtained high or counterpart school certificates from Oman and abroad in the previous years, and who are interested in getting enrolled in private higher education institutions on their accounts.

Who can request this service

Students who have finished high school

Steps to follow to request the service

A. Process Steps:
A:-Registering in the HEAC and submitting an admission application after announcing first term (sitting) results effective from 1 April till 1 June in every academic year
  1. Amending admission applications.After announcing the second term (sitting) results. Fourteen days are the period for amending selections. Exact deadline will be publicized on the website and media.
  2. Admission results of the 1st term are publicized.Three days after the deadline of amending enrolment applications.
  3. Deadline for students to accept the offer for the 1st term and finalizing registration procedures.Two weeks after advertising 1st term (sitting) results.
  4. Admission results of the 2nd term are publicized.Three days after 1st term responding period.
  5. Deadline for students to accept the offer for the 2nd term (sitting) and finalizing registration procedures.Two weeks after the 2nd term results are publicized.
  6. After the 2nd term offer results are publicized, other offers will be publicized on daily basis to occupy any vacancy. Some higher education institutions may continue offering until 30th of December from every year.
B:-Action Procedures at the HEAC
  1. The HEAC will directly get your personal data from the Ministry of Education: Name, address, Number of ID Card, Date of Birth, Sex, School, and any other relevant information that the system requires. Students who obtained their high school certificates from abroad should upload their personal data on the relevant window that requires this information. Inaccurate data entry may deprive a student from an academic seat.
  2. The HEAC will categorize students based on their marks of the general certificate.
  3. A technical committee will work on equalizing certificates other than the general one. The levels of such certificates will be determined based on its decision in order to categorize applicants selected desires.
  4. Admission applications for every academic year will be dealt with in accordance with the procedures and dates specified in this guide. Any changes on the dates will be publicized on the HEAC website and media. Students should follow up these changes instantly and ensure meeting the conditions of any selected programme.
  5. The HEAC website ( contains detailed information about submissions and admissions in addition to any changes related to admission conditions that might occur occasionally.
  6. The system procedures have been designed efficiently to ensure fairness and transparency.
    • Fairness means dealing with all applicants equally. This does not mean doing special arrangements in favour of those who ignored the rules which this system depends on. What a student does might directly affects on other applicants who have the same equal rights.
    • Students shall behave prudently and carefully. They should not expect special treatment that may abuse others.
    • Students who follow the specified procedures correctly would not be deprived from a deserved academic seat.

What documents are needed to process

  • The application for admission in the higher education institutions through the HEAC electronic system.

Special conditions if any applicable

Higher Education Institutions Registration Requirements
To get enrolled in a seat financially subsidized by the Government, the applicant should meet the following criteria:
  • He/she should be an Omani national.
  • He/she should have obtained the electronic ID card.
  • He/ she should have obtained the high or equivalent school certificate in this year (new high school graduate).
  • He/ she should have not exceeded 25 years of age on the 1st of October.
  • Admission criteria (grade/ average) are determined annually, depending on variables.
  • He/ she should not have been enrolled in any other educational institution.
  • He/ she should not have been recruited by a public or private body.
  • He/ she should be physically fit.
  • He/ she should not have been discharged from any higher education institution for a disciplinary reason.

How the service is processed

After announcing the first semester results from 1st of April till 1st of May

Fee to be paid

Description Fee to be paid Places of Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are UAC phone umbers?
Phone: 24584400 Fax: 24584414
  1. What are the programmes that might be selected through the HEAC?
All academic programmes of all government higher education institutions mentioned in the guide could be selected from.
  1. Can I submit an application for a scholarship through the HEAC?
If you are an Omani national meeting the scholarship conditions.
  1. When can I submit the admission application to the UAC syetm?
The UAC will receive applications effective from 1 April up to 1 June from every academic year
  1. What shall I do before submitting the admission application electronically?
You should have an ID card if you are an Omani national. Otherwise, you should produce an ID.
  1. Where can I submit the admission application?
Any place where there is access to the internet. There will be registration centres at schools, and colleges of education and technology, and other universities and colleges to be publicized later on.
  1. How can I submit the admission application?
You may submit your application electronically on the UAC website
  1. How can I ensure that the HEAC system received my application?
Registering electronically, you will get electronic registration number from the HEAC. This number is evidence that your application is registered. You should save this number in safe place.
  1. After submitting my application to the HEAC, can I do any amendments on my application after 01 June 2008?
You will not be able access to the registration system to do any changes after 02 June until the final results of the high school are publicized in July. After the results are publicized, there will be a 10 day period where you can amend your original application.
  1. How any times am I permitted to submit an application from 01 April till 01 June 2008?
Only one time.
  1. After the deadline specified by the HEAC for doing changes on the application, would it be possible to do changes on the disciplines?
You cannot do that after he deadline. However, there will be an exception which is the availability of a vacancy in a programme and no applicant is in the waiting list. In this instance, the HEAC and media will announce the vacancy and interested students can apply for this vacant seat.
  1. When shall I know that I got an academic seat?
Thirteen days after publicizing the general certificate results, the HEAC will publicize the first round of admitted students in the high education institutions. If there are vacancies, there will be a second round. Publicizing dates will be announced on time.
  1. How shall I know that I got an academic seat?
You may access to the UAC website using your registration number you obtained when applied for the first time to check the results. Additionally, the admitted students will be publicized in the newspapers, and through MSM messages, emails if they provided their addresses and mobile phones to the UAC.
  1. If I accept the offered seat, what shall I do?
You should inform the HEAC through the website or an MSM message. However, your response to the website is preferable.
  1. What happens if I do not accept the offer?
If you do not accept the offer within 10 days, the offer will be withdrawn and offered to the succeeding name. you cannot claim for it later.
  1. If I do not accept the offered seat, what shall I do?
You shall do nothing. Not responding to the offer means you do not accept it. It is important to accept the offer because not responding means you reject the offer.
  1. If I do not accept the offer, will there be any other opportunity to get another offer?
Yes, if the offered seat is not your first choice. You have the right to get the highest selection if there is a vacancy, but there are no warranties to get the highest choice because that depends on vacancies.
  1. If I accept the offer, does it mean there will not be another offer?
No. Your acceptance to an offer will not deprive you from higher selections. If you accept/ do not accept the offer, you will automatically compete for the higher selections if there is a vacancy and your name comes on the head of the waiting list.
  1. If I do not receive any offer for any of the programmes I applied for, or I do not accept the offer, what shall I do?
You may re-apply for specific advertised vacancies if there no waiting list. New opportunities will be advertised in newspapers.
  1. Shall I visit the HEAC?
There is no need to visit the HEAC, neither for registration nor for accepting the offer.
  1. Why should I not visit the HEAC?
Your visit to the HEAC is useless. You will get the seat if you are eligible for that. If you have any query, you may email it and you will get the answer. If your name does not appear with the qualified students, your visit will not change anything. You may get the information you are looking for from the student guide. Therefore, do not trouble yourself. The HEAC was established to help parents and students and save their time, efforts, and money.
  1. Will I lose the academic seat if I do not visit the HEAC?
No. if you deserve that seat, you will automatically get it.
  1. Shall I contact the HEAC when the seats are distributed?
There is no need for that as the phone lines will be busy when distributing seats. The best way to communicate with the HEAC is the emailing system.
  1. Does early submission of the admission application give better opportunity to get a seat?
No. Preference is measured by your marks and condition fulfillment for the desired discipline and choice.
  1. How can I get privileges from the HEAC?
Neither you nor anybody can get any privileges because the competition is based on the obtained marks and fulfillment of admission requirements. Any student can see the reasons of acceptance or rejection through the electronic admission system.
  1. Shall I search for someone who supports my application to get a seat in a higher education institution?
No. Your results and selections are the decisive criteria for acceptance or rejection. If your results do not qualify you for a specific discipline, you will not be eligible, and no one can change your status and cannot support you for something that does not belong to you. The first priority of the HEAC is to achieve fairness and transparency for all applicants.
  1. Can I hand over the admission application in person?
No. Registration will be through the net only.
  1. How shall I arrange my selections in the programme?
Your preferred choices shall come first in the list and the least preferences shall come last.
  1. Q. Is it necessary to fill the 30 selections in the programme?
No, it is not. However, your selections should not be less than six. It is recommended to fill in the 30 choices in order to have a better opportunity for getting a seat.
  1. Common Errors
1. Social insurance is not selected.
2. Preferences are not arranged according to the desired priorities.
3. Students go directly to the institution with accepting the offer when the results publicized.
4. Students provide wrong phone numbers.
5. Students do not follow up newspapers and HEAC advertisements.
6. Students do not follow up the HEAC advertisements related to the registration deadlines, dates of results, and deadlines of accepting the offers.
7. The offer is not responded to within the specified time.
8. When sending an MSM message to accept the offer, students send the Centre Number instead of the ID Card Number.
9. Admission and programmes selection criteria are not followed
10. Students obtained the general certificate inside Oman register their names in the column of those who obtained it abroad.
11. Students do not follow the students’ guide and do not understand registration and admission conditions.
12. Students exchange their registration numbers.
13. Students do not verify their personal data in the website.
14. Limited selections, as students register in a limited number of institutions.
15. Students do not follow up registration process regularly to find the vacancies.
16. Delay in registering the application.
17. The seat is not accepted.
18. Difficulties in contacting the students because they change their phone numbers.
19. Students who ask for subsidies cannot get a certificate showing that salary of their guardians is less than RO 400.
20. Social Insurance or limited income students do not choose the correct status and category.
21. Students depend on others when registering.
22. Students do not ask the questions and queries they have in mind.
23. Students believe that admission depends on the total score and the competing percentage.
24. carelessness and inaccuracy when selecting the programmes according to the preferences.

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