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Tender Board

Overview Tender Board

The Tender Board (TB) was established in 1972 to handle all government projects and requests for projects from civil service ministries and other government agencies. Projects below OMR 250.000 can be awarded through the ministry’s Internal Procurement Committees. Projects above that amount must be floated and awarded through the Tender Board.

A Tender can be:

  1. General (also called Open Tender): General tenders are announced to all companies, be it local or international.
  2. Limited: The Tender Board invites all qualified companies (classified and given a degree) local and international. Local companies must have a valid Tender Board registration. International companies participating in this tender must complete all registration formalities within a month of award of a contract.
  3. Local: for any company registered in Oman (NB: a registered company is a company registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and issued with a Registration Certificate).
  4. International: allows any international company to participate. An international company participating in a tender must complete all registration formalities with the Tender Board within a month of award of a contract.


Managing and implementing Government procurements and projects, the TB strives to excel in organizational performance. By developing its human resources and administrative systems it intends to fulfil the highest economical values of the overall development strategy for the 2020 sustainable future vision.


The core function of the Tender Board is to organize the tendering process which includes:

  • Registering the companies to participate in a tender.
  • Reviewing the tender documents received from the ministries to be floated.
  • Floating the tender and selling the documents to qualified companies.
  • Publishing the tenders on the tender website, in local newspapers, radio & T.V, international magazines, SMS & IVR.
  • Checking the evaluation report received from the ministries.
  • Sending the recommendation report to the Tender Board committee for awarding of the tender.
  • Checking variation orders for the awarded projects.


  • Enhance our relationship with both private and government sectors by using state of the art technologies (i.e. internet, mobiles, video conferencing, etc.).
  • Ensure the best technical solution is chosen according to tender laws and regulations.
  • Take care of all government tenders valued at R.O. 250.000 or more.


  • Floating a Tender
  • Register a new Company
  • Subscription to IVR/SMS services
  • Tender Awarding
  • Tender Board Registration & Classification
  • Tender Openings at Tender Board
  • Tendering Process at Tender Board

Establishment Address

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    +968 24 60 26 12
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    +968 24 60 20 63
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