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You may access the available e-services of the Official eGovernment Services Portal through this section.

Education and learning
Includes students information and registration etc
Housing and property
Includes lands ownership, mortgage processes etc
visa and residence
Includes different types of visa transactions
construction, lease and building
Includes permits renting and maps drawing services etc
Working, jobs and pensions
Includes labor permits and recruitment services
This section provides a common access to find, view and freely use public data sets, that are published by the Omani government organizations, including statistics, reports, surveys etc. in different fields to be innovatively utilized.
Mobile App - Invest Easy
December 4, 2014
Ministry of Heritage and Culture
August 1, 2014
May 7, 2014
Mobile Portal
This section helps you to browse and explore the Mobile portal. portal wherever you are.
Mobile Services
This section helps you to access Mobile services. Visit and apply for eServices.
The Kiosks, self-service machines with stand-alone systems, enable you to reach the government services in Oman. Over 14 Kiosks have been installed at popular public places in Muscat to facilitate easy access to register in the portal.
Contact the officials

Governments social media

Find the easiest ways to contact the government entities and officials online through the different websites, social media and open platforms for a better interaction through this section.

Inclusion refers to the efforts and practices that ensure equal opportunities for all, regardless of their background, so that everyone can achieve their full potential in life.
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