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A national program that has been established in April 2014 which provides the foundation and the extensive training needed for developing virtual reality projects where an environment is simulated in 3D or 2D. As the case in SAS Entrepreneurship program, SAS VR is developed based on a Private Public Partnership (PPP) concept.

The main objectives of SAS-VR are:

  1. Providing local Omani talents with the relevant skills and competencies on Digital Media and VR technologies.
  2. Implementing VR projects for various public and private institutions.
  3. Encouraging Omani talented youth to be entrepreneurs after accomplishing the training program.
  4. Encouraging research and development in local universities in digital media technologies and virtual reality.
  5. Feeding the job market with talented local cadre in the related field.

VR center offers the following services:

  1. Providing training programs in virtual reality and multimedia technologies to enhance youth's skills.
  2. Supervising implementing VR applications projects upon the need of the public or private institutions.
  3. Collaborating and building relations with local and international companies.
  4. Offering the recent and modern technologies available in the center.

The center targets anyone who has the interest in the field of digital media and virtual reality either a governmental body, an employee, a student or a job seeker in case he\she meets the conditions

The center has accomplished various achievements such as:

  1. Implementing 15 projects related to the fields of oil and gas, tourism and education.
  2. Training 160 Omanis in the field.
  3. Conducting introductory workshops and seminars in a number of colleges and universities around the Sultanate.
  4. Registering 11 companies that deal with producing VR content.

The center has moreover done a number of projects like "Solar System" and "Structure of Earth" videos as educational materials as well as two projects in the field of Oil and Gas for PDO company.

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