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According to the Islamic religion, marriage is what makes the relationship between a woman and a man legal for it is the basis of a solid family. Therefore, the Sultanate, being an Islamic Arab country, seeks to facilitate marriage, care for the young and encourage them to make families of their own to ensure their settlement.

Government efforts starts early by promoting pre-marital check-up and encouraging all couples to undergo it to avoid the transmission of genetic diseases to their children. Many efforts were made within this framework, such as awareness campaigns and early education on the importance of this matter.

In addition, Hereditary Blood Disorder Association was established in 2009 and it aims at spreading awareness of hereditary blood disorders and their effects among Omani society. It also states one of its aims as follows “Work with government and legislative authorities to issue regulations that support the importance of carrying out genetic examination for those who intend to get married.” The Donations Portal for Charitable Organizations gives the chance to donate for the association to support its efforts.

The first book (Marriage) Arabic Only in the Personal Status Law of Oman regulates the provisions of engagement, marriage, and divorce.

In its regular twenty-first (2012/2013) second annual session for the seventh period, Shura Council had approved the report of the Marriage Fund team which will support the couples who meet the conditions with an amount of RO 4000. However, the Marriage Fund regulations are currently being drafted.

The government also regulates Omanis’ marriage to non-Omanis if certain conditions are met, and Royal Decree No.58/93 Arabic Only was issued to set the rules of regulating Omanis’ marriage to non-Omanis, as well as amending Omani Nationality Law.

Here are the details on the services related to marriage and divorce:

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