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Capital Market Authority

Overview Capital Market Authority

Capital Market Authority is a regulatory, supervisory and organizing governmental institution responsible for overseeing the capital market and insurance sectors in the Sultanate. It was set up according to Royal Decree no. (80/98) issued on 9th November, 1998. CMA enjoys juridical person and financial and administrative independence and its chairman is the Minister of Commerce and Industry.

A location map for Capital Market Authority


CMA is an efficient and developed authority seeking to promote the role of capital market in the sustainable economic development and to ensure the investors’ and dealers’ safety.


“To maintain fair, efficient and transparent”


  • Supervising Muscat Securities Market (MSM).
  • Supervising Muscat Depository & Securities Registration Company (MDRC).
  • Licensing and supervising:
    • Public joint stock companies.
    • Companies operating in securities sector.
    • Insurance companies and insurance brokers and agent companies.
    • Credit rating companies.
  • Developing the sectors of capital market and insurance through conducting studies and forming appropriate regulations and systems according to best international practices.
  • Enforcing laws under the authority of CMA.


  • Awareness service of Capital Markets or Insurances
  • Issues and Disclosure service of LPOs or private shares
  • Licensing service in fields of Securities or insurance or Stock
  • Receive complaints

Establishment Address

  1. P.O.Box
  2. P.C
  3. City
  4. Phone
    +968 24 82 31 00
  5. Fax
    +968 24 81 66 91
  6. Email
  7. Web Site