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Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology

Overview Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology

The Ministry of Transport and Communications plays a pivotal and essential role in laying the foundations of the country's infrastructure by facilitating means and ways of communications. On top of its priorities comes the function of opening, paving, and maintaining roads, in addition to constructing ports and airports to meet the needs of the Sultanate, according to the plans and strategies that the wise government adopts. The Ministry acts on developing and updating the level of services at the facilities and sectors which fall under its supervision in order to activate their role in serving the national economy.


The Sultanate turns into one of the leading countries in the Transport and Communications Sector, through providing high quality, accessible, sustainable and safe services by the relevant Ministry, while taking into account its Social responsibilities, making of the Sector the second source of the National Income and positioning the Sultanate among the top ten countries in the logistical performance internationally, by the year 2040.


  • To set, apply and follow up the general policy of the Transport and Communications Sector, in coordination with all the Competent Authorities.
  • To act as a Supervisory Authority with regard to all establishments, institutions and government bodies involved in the Transport and Communications Sector.
  • To set up legislative frameworks and promote International Conventions and make use of the same to serve the Transport and Communications Sector.
  • To develop a regional / international integrated and multi-modal Transport System.
  • To evolve an integrated Communications System.
  • To develop and maintain the Infrastructure of the Transport and Communications.
  • To drive the institutional performance towards excellence.


  • To achieve a high level of regional and international competitiveness in the Transport, Logistics and Communications Sector:
  • Improve the level of convergence and international cooperation through the initiation, development and activation of the International Conventions.
  • Simplify the Transport procedures through the establishment of a one-stop window system applying modern technology.
  • Provide and maintain a high quality infrastructure that ensure safety for users and preserves the environment.
  • Develop a Management System and undertake supervision over all the Ministry’s Departments.
  • Produce the legislations governing the Transport Sector.

  • To Develop and improve the quality of the Public Transport Services:
  • Develop the Public Transport and make it available in all regions of the Sultanate.
  • Confirm the user’s satisfaction.
  • Enhance the performance of the Sector.
  • Ensure passengers ‘security and safety.

  • To achieve a high level of accessibility and development of the Telecommunication Services:
  • Develop Broadband Infrastructure.
  • Ensure the availability of the Telecommunication Services all over the country.
  • Provide high quality and affordable Telecommunication Services.
  • Produce the legislations governing the Telecommunications Sector and Postal Services.

  • To provide accurate information for decision-making:
  • Establish a safe and comprehensive Information Database.
  • Improve the internal and external Communications.

  • To introduce modern technology and promote scientific research in the field of Transport and Logistics:
  • Embrace Modern Technology in the field of Transport and Communications.
  • Establish Transport Research Center to ensure the quality of the Infrastructure.
  • Improve the Safety Standards.
  • Activate cooperation with other Research Organizations and Institutions.

  • To improve the performance to the highest levels of institutional excellence:
  • Adopt international standards and work accordingly.
  • Promote the Management and Supervision Systems.
  • Develop and maintain the Human Resources.
  • Ensure persistent improvement of the Ministry’s performance.
  • Enhance the quality of services and products.
  • Confirm the user’s satisfaction and endeavor to meet his expectations.


  • A permit to import a maritime unit registered outside the Sultanate.
  • Approve entrances, exits or petrol stations on the asphalt roads
  • Awareness sessions on protecting children from the dangers of cyberspace
  • Charity donation
  • Customer services
  • Cybersecurity Audit for Institutions at the Regional and Global Level
  • Entry permit for unloaded foreign transportations
  • Get weather forecasts data
  • Information Security Awareness Program for Government Institutions
  • Information Security Specialized Courses
  • Issuance/ renewal of accreditation certificate for companies practicing maritime activities and services
  • Issuance/renewal of accreditation certificate for a maritime transport company
  • Issuance/renewal of safe manning document for Omani ships
  • Issuance/renewal of temporary registration certificate for ships
  • Issue / renewal shipping agency
  • Issue New/renew accreditation certificate of maritime tourism company
  • Issue a replacement certificate for the damaged/ lost registration/cancellation certificate of a navigation license
  • Issue an accreditation for the maritime courses held by a college or a maritime institution
  • Issue and renew manufacturing and maintaining maritime units license
  • Issue/Renew a new/replacement copy lost/damaged seafarer passport
  • Issue/renew certificate or replace damaged/lost skill certificate for advance training of the seafarers
  • Modify a marine unit ownership document or change/add a captain
  • Monitoring and Responding to Cyber Security Incidents
  • Mortgage release/recognition request
  • Register ships & boats for use in Oman
  • Renew /issue a new certificate of recognition proficiency certificates
  • Renew /issue new certificate non-impounded & non –mortgaged marine unit
  • Renew /issue new or provide a replacement for certificates maritime skill.
  • Renew /issue new or provide a replacement for certificates of proficiency in GMDSS system
  • Renew /issue new/replacement for Skill Certificate of Basic Training of seafarers working aboard ships and vessels
  • Renew /issue new/replacement for maritime proficiency certificates
  • Renew a navigational license for a maritime unit
  • Request a Permit for advertising in newspapers to prove ownership of the marine unit
  • Request a departure permission for a maritime unit to be offered for sale or for maintenance
  • Request a permit for adding/ renewing of goods transportation activity
  • Request a transfer of a maritime unit’s ownership
  • Request an exceptional examination for a marine unit
  • Request an exemption certificate from fulfilling the international maritime requirement for a marine unit (without a specific period)
  • Request an exemption certificate from the international maritime requirement for a marine unit (for a specific period)
  • Request approval to install new navigation aids
  • Request for Analysis of Digital Evidence
  • Request for a construction or improvement of a new track road
  • Request for oil exploration or mining exploding activity
  • Request for utilities permit for services beside roads, thrust boring or asphalt cutting
  • Request issue or renewal of Port Compliance Certificate
  • Requesting permits for transporting exceptional weights
  • Requesting a new sign board
  • Requesting a permit for adding/ renewing/ merging passenger transport activity
  • Requesting a permit for entering and exiting to a third country or crossing the Sultanate territories by foreign transportation means.
  • Requesting a permit for operating fast ferries
  • Requesting an authorization for a maritime college or institute to issue short courses certificates
  • Security Advisory Alerts and Warnings
  • Ships registration under the Omani flag
  • Subscribe to website for weather forecast data

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