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Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

Overview Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

The Ministry of Housing is considered one of the ministries included under the services ministries sector . Among its objectives is to regulate land uses through preparing plots detailed plans for the regions and governorates of the Sultanate and distributing these lands to eligible citizens in accordance with applied laws. Additionally, it provides housing units through the housing assistance scheme and non - interest housing loans program. The Ministry is also responsible for registering and archiving all original and dependant rights of the real estate units and regulating its transactions.


The vision of the Ministry of Housing involves regulating and maintaining land uses, and providing suitable housing for the eligible categories.


  • Regulating land uses through preparing detailed plans for all Omani regions in order to be used for housing and economical purposes in addition to the needs of the state administrative apparatus and public authorities.
  • Distributing the planned lands based on their uses in accordance with the Law of lands. li>
  • Reviewing possession applications of undeveloped and occupied lands.
  • Providing suitable healthy housing for eligible nationals through the housing assistance and non-interest housing loans programs.
  • Preserving and maintaining citizens properties by registering private properties in the Land Registry and facilitating its transactions.


  • Preparing studies, researches, and detailed maps for the areas, and for structural planning in coordination with the concerned authorities and in line with the economical, social, and structural development plans in the Sultanate.
  • Putting lands in possession and granting lands usufruct in coordination with other government entities, and leasing lands to citizens in accordance with the applied rules and regulations.
  • Allocating plots of land needed by the state administrative apparatus units, and the public organizations and establishments, and other legal entities to perform its duties.
  • Registering all transactions and original and dependant rights of the real estate units and regulating its transactions., and documenting relevant instruments and legal transactions in accordance with the land registry system, and issuing title deeds.
  • Performing social and economical studies to determine future requirements of social housing and housing loans. Preparing and implementing plans and programs of social housing and loans for limited income citizens.
  • Representing Oman in the regional and international conferences, seminars, and meetings that relate to terms of reference of the Ministry.


  • Adopt a Service Route (Roads, electricity, water, telephone, sewage, gas)
  • Adoption of Service Route
  • Adoption of Division Project
  • Amend the Planning Requirements (height, the setbacks, or rate of construction)
  • Apply for Construction Maps Approval (general site)
  • Apply for Construction Maps Copies (Paper or Digital)
  • Applying for planning permission
  • Cancel/ reverse the impact on an Affected Land
  • Change the Use of Plot
  • Change the use of agricultural land (If the subject area is less than 5000 sm)
  • Change the use of agricultural land (If the subject area is more than 5000 sm)
  • Compensate for Affected Land
  • Divide the Land Plot
  • Extent a Land
  • Housing Loan
  • Information on property transition of the land parcel
  • Integrate Several Plots
  • Integrate plots (integrate two or more)
  • Property valuation
  • Real Estate Ownership Act for the Integrated Tourism Complexes
  • Register for a Final Judgment
  • Register a Release of Mortgage
  • Register an Exchange Agreement
  • Register for Assignment Agreement
  • Register for Release of a Seized Property
  • Register for Title Deed (Endowment)
  • Register for Title Deed (Inheritance Inventory)
  • Register for Title Deed under the Division Certificate
  • Register for Usufruct over the Sultanate’s Land or Property
  • Register for a Sale Contract
  • Register for a Title Deed under the Testament
  • Register of Mortgage
  • Registering an Endowment
  • Request Commercial or Industrial Land
  • Request Residential Land
  • Request a Document of the file of the Property
  • Request a House Loan
  • Request for Alternative to Damaged Title
  • Request for Alternative to Lost Title
  • Request for Governmental Plot
  • Request for Residential help
  • Request for a New Title Deed
  • Request for a Title Deed )Correcting Name)
  • Request for an approval of dividing a building into apartments and levels scheme
  • Request for the Certificate of Real Estate and Properties
  • Residential Units
  • Sale of paper and digital maps and schemes
  • Seize a property
  • Separate or Cut off a Part of the Land Plot
  • Transfer the mortgage from one property into another

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