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The Attestation Office is one of the entities to serve citizens wishing to attest some documents issued by the courts, Notary Public Departments and other Ministry of Justice entities to use them outside the Sultanate. Some of the documents which the Office attest are: authentication of signatures and seals on judgments issued by courts, documents issued by the Notary Public Department such as Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificates, Agency Contracts, other testimonies, To Whom it May Concern Certificate, Shari'i Notification, Widowhood Proof Document, other documents issued by the concerned Ministry of Justice authorities.


Who can request this service

Omanis, residents and the business sector

Steps to follow to request the service

أ. مراحل الطلب:
  1. Article (2) of Ministerial Decision number (20/2002) stipulated that the Office of the Attestation shall be in charge of attesting the authenticity of signatures and seals on documents issued by courts and Notary Public Departments , and other departments of the Ministry. The attestation shall be only on original documents.

B. List all forms/applications that need to be completed to apply for the service:
  • No forms to be filled. However, the document holder or representative shall present the document directly to the concerned employee who is carrying out the required procedures. The document holder shall then sign in the official record the he/she has received the document.

What documents are needed to process

The Office does not require any documents or papers to complete the request. However, in the case of attesting marriage certificate from outside the Gulf Cooperation Council countries for Omanis; the Office requires a scanned copy of the permit or the approval issued by the Ministry of Interior.

Special conditions if any applicable

There are no conditions. The Office shall receive the documents from the holder and then returns them to the same.

How the service is processed

The process shall not take more than half an hour, from the time in which the document is received by the concerned official.

Fee to be paid

Description Fee to be paid Places of Payment

Service Provider

Ministry of Justice

Attestation Office-The Administration General of Courts

For Help

  1. Tel
    ‎+968 24 60 16 48

Service Locations

Operating Hours
Ministry of Justice, the directorate General of Courts, Attestation Office
from saturday to wednesday
from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm