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Enquiries about the Proxies issued by the Notaries Public

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This service is provided for people who enquire about whether the proxies issued by notaries public are valid or void. This can be done by inserting the reference number of the document being investigated. This process provides a dependable window that can save time and efforts of applicants, and can satisfy him in a short time that it is nullified by the Notary Public whose responsibility is to list the invalidated proxies in a central database, using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). This database is linked to the eGovernment Portal. All concerned bodies will ensure the nullification of that proxy on time.

Enquiries about the Proxies issued by the Notaries Public

Who can request this service

Omani Nationals and Public and Private Sectors

Steps to follow to request the service

Approach any Notary Public Office and ask verification of the proxy or call IVR on 80 07 99 97

What documents are needed to process

It would be preferable to present a copy of the proxy when approaching the Notary Public for enquiry. In case of using Interactive Voice Response (IVR), the applicant shall insert the serial number of the proxy into the system.

Special conditions if any applicable

The inquirer shall be a part of the transaction. He should verify his ID

How long will it take

Upon request

Forms related to this service

Fee to be paid

Description Fee to be paid Places of Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can any party of the transaction nullify the proxy by the phone?
Only the Notary Public is authorized to nullify the proxy. The parties involved can only enquire about its validity.

Service Provider

Ministry of Justice

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