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Investing Funds of Orphans and Minors

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In view of its functions, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) focused on the funds of orphans and minors. Based on this, MOJ formed the Directorate General for the Investment of Funds of Orphans and Minors (DGIFOM) that is responsible for taking care and investing Minors Funds. To achieve this objective, the Ministerial Decision No. 07/93 dated 09/11/1993, and Royal Decree No. 47/2000 set up the functions of the MOJ and the Organizational Structure. Additionally, the Ministerial Decision 87/ 2000 was issued to accredit the administrative divisions and functions of MOJ.

Investing Funds of Orphans and Minors

Who can request this service

Orphans and Minors

Steps to follow to request the service

A. Process Steps: First: Receipt of the Application:

The initial step is processed in the Court of First Instance until the procedures of dividing inheritance and allocating the shares of each inheritor. The orphans’ funds will be deposited by a check to the Directorate. A covering letter signed by the Judge will provide all details of the funds, including the names of the deceased, orphan or minor, and the share of each.
  1. Receiving the transaction, the Department registers it in its records, refers it to the Accounts Department. A code will be given and the funds will be entered into investments.
  2. The court will be notified of receipt by a letter and a receipt notice including all details.
  3. Investments revenues will be added monthly to the orphans’ accounts.
  4. The courts will be updated with all data and remarks every 6 months.

Second: Applying for the Service
  1. The Judge of the Court of First Instance may send a letter, mentioning the name of orphan/ minor, his/ her account number, the required amount of money, and purpose of request. Finalizing the conditions, a payment bill and a check will be sent to the competent court with a covering letter.

  2. B. List all forms/applications that need to be completed to apply for the service:
    • The forms will be provided by the Court of First Instance

    What documents are needed to process

    • The forms will be completed by the Court of First Instance

    Special conditions if any applicable

    1. Sending/ depositing funds to the Directorate requires the following conditions:
      • The letter and its attachments should be accredited by the Judges.
      • Names of orphans and their codes at the Directorate should be mentioned for previous transactions. A (New Transaction) should be noted if the transaction has not registered previously.
      • The share of each orphan should be specified.
      • Type and source of revenue should be noted down.
    2. The conditions required when asking for funds from the Directorate:
    • The letter and its attached statements should be accredited by the Judges.
    • Names and codes of Orphans should be mentioned.
    • Share of each orphan should be stated.
    • Type and purpose of each expense should be stated.

    How the service is processed

    Receiving the transaction, the Dept will finalize it and send it to the Court. The concerned person will be informed by the Court.

    How long will it take

    Based on the type of transaction, it will take 7 – 10 days.

    Fee to be paid

    Description Fee to be paid Places of Payment

Service Provider

Ministry of Justice

Accounts Department/ DGIFOM

For Help

  1. Tel
    ‎+968 24 69 70 60
  1. Fax
    ‎+968 24 60 23 10

Service Locations

Operating Hours
Director/ Accounts Department
Saturday – Wednesday
07:30 - 14:30