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Request for Marriage Certificate

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The Notary Public shall issue marriage certificate to the parties to the marriage relationship.

Request for Marriage Certificate

Who can request this service

Nationals, residents and visitors.

Steps to follow to request the service

Where the contract is duly made by a person; The term “duly” means that the contract is made according to normal norms. In this case the persons concerned must submit the following:
  • Application form and notice together they are the notice of marriage and application for the marriage certificate which includes the names of husband and the wife's guardian, the date of marriage, the name of the person who performed the marriage contract, their personal details, addresses, the date and the name of the person who notifies the competent authority of the marriage the names of witnesses, their identity documents, testimony of witnesses, Sheikh/ dignitary and authentication by the Wali according to the application form for marriage certificate and the notice form.

Where the marriage contract is made by a crediable persons known to the Department of the Notary Public, the persons concerned must in this case submit :-
  • The above mentioned two forms , signed only by the husband , wife, the two witnesses and the person who made the contract on the application form , needless of authentication by the Wali or Sheikh/dignitary testimony

  • Where the marriage contract is concluded by competent court, the notary public shall write the marriage contract when the persons concerned submit their application, as well as the marriage certificate by filling in the two forms mentioned above, and satisfy himself with only the signatures of the persons concerned needless of Sheikh/dignitary or the Wali, according to the judgement of the court or an official letter from the Sharia court judge

  • The notary public himself may conclude the marriage contract. He, accordingly, writes the marriage certificate according to the procedures mentioned above, needless of Sheikh / dignitary or Wali attestation

  • Where one of the marriage parties is Omani and the other foreigner (not from GCC countries ), the Notary Public must make sure of the approval of the Ministry of Interior prior to concluding the marriage contract or writing the marriage certificate

  • Where the two parties are non-Omanis, there must be the written approval of the Guardian, duly authenticated, as well as the approval of their respective embassies

What documents are needed to process

Original Identification documents and copies

Special conditions if any applicable

Not Available

How the service is processed

Full year

How long will it take

Maximum One Day

Forms related to this service

Fee to be paid

Description Fee to be paid Places of Payment
Fees: 1 R.O Counter

Frequently Asked Questions

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Service Provider

Ministry of Justice

Operating Hours
The Notary Public in eacch welayat
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