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Application for Settlement at the Conciliation & Reconcile committee

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Application for Settlement at the Conciliation & Reconcile committee

Who can request this service

Steps to follow to request the service

A. Process Steps:
    The Reconciliation Law specifies in Articles 10 and 12 thereof two days of application, namely
  1. To apply directly to the seat of the committee at the circuit of the competent court, n form nº (MOJ / R/1) mentioned in the Ministerial Decision nª 3/3/2006 defining the forms of the records, papers and stamps of reconciliation committees, as well as the mechanism for their performance. The above –mentioned form shall write down the name of the applicant for reconciliation, his domicile, and the names and domiciles of the other parties to the dispute intended to be settled by reconciliation
  2. The competent official of the Secretariat of the court shall , before recording the declarations in connection with civil, commercial or personal status cases, recommend the settlement of dispute by reconciliation to the plaintiff or his attorney, after verifying his identity. If he refuses the recommendation, the said official shall write down that on form nº (MOJ/2), and proceed with the procedures for recording the case according to the prescribed rules. He must enclose with this form the case documents to be available for the judge who will hear the case. However, if the plaintiff accepts reconciliation before the committee, the said official shall record that on form nº (MOJ /R/1).

  3. Application form for reconciliation before the committee (form nº ? /R/1) which shall be filled in by the competent official and signed by the reconciliation applicant.

What documents are needed to process

  • Copy of the passport, ID Card or resident card
  • The application must write down the name of applicant, his domicile, the names and domiciles of the other parties to the dispute, as well as the subject of dispute
  • All documents supporting his claim

Fee to be paid

Description Fee to be paid Places of Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible to Deputies attorney to appear before the court? What if the opponent in reconciliation is a company or enterprise?
It is possible if the attorney has power of attorney authorizing reconciliation, whether the client
  1. Is it possible for a father to appear for his son?
Yes, whenever the power of attorney authorizes reconciliation and discharge. It is also possible if the father is the natural guardian of his minor son.
  1. Where the dispute has already been decided by a court of law, this dispute could be renewed and amendable, same as in alimony cases is it possible to apply for reconciliation to increase or decrease the alimony?
Whatever may be re-introduced before courts including civil, commercial and personal status cases, may be referred to reconciliation. Where it is reconciled to increase the second alimony by a judiciary judgement, the court shall make a record including the details of the reconciliation to be executed in the manner in which final judiciary judgements are executed because the judgement has only a temporary argument.

Service Provider

Ministry of Justice

Coordination office of Reconciliation Comitees

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