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Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources

Overview Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources

On the Municipal level:

  • Protect public health and strive to intensify and secureall necessary services to keep the individual and the environment healthy.
  • Develop laboratory activities to ensure the safety of food and water .
  • Complete building waterwater networks in all cities of the Sultanate and secure and provide its related services, and administration, in addition to combat ground water pollution.
  • Keep up with urban development and ensure a sound town planning and develop monitoring and inspection mechanisms.
  • Ensure that there is a balance in providing and distributing infrastructure and other facilities services.

On the Water level:
  • Secure potable drinking water sources and ensure balance between water uses and renewable resources.
  • Develop water resources and protect it against overuse and pollution, and ensure wise water consumption.
  • Instill water preservation principles and spread the awareness of the importance of the wise water usage.

In support areas:
  • Enhance human resources abilities to keep up with the latest technologies and improve productivity level in the different activities of the Ministry.
  • Ensure a smooth transition to electronic services in all sectors and facilities of the Ministry.
  • Develop and enhance the Ministry's financial resources.
  • Develop the rules and regulations related to the Ministry's activities in accordance with local and international requirements and set objectives.
  • Enhance and activate the role of the private sector in handle some service aspects.
  • Activate cooperation and partnership with all national and international entities.
  • Enhance awareness and media activities and instill the principles of environment and natural resources preservation among all segments of the society and encourage them to support state's development efforts.


The most importante future challenges facing the upcoming generations are: The rapid growth in all development levels, the change in consumption patters, the increasing requirements, the population growth, rapid urban development in the Sultanate, and its related factors which are putting pressure on the available and natural resources from one side and its immediate effects on the health and safety. Therefore, comprehensive future vision must be formulated to overcome these challenges with the objective of "serving the current generations and securing the future of the upcoming generations," in accordance with the components of sustainable development and its general objectives.


Based on the aforementioned, the main mission of the Ministry during the upcoming period includes a comprehensive and clear perspective summarized as follows: "Consistently Advanced services for a sustainably enhanced quality of life."


  • Formulate policies, plans and programs for all sectors and follow up their implementation, assessment and improvement, in accordance with the latest development in related fields.
  • Improve work methods and collect statistical data and study it and use it in all functions of the Ministry.
  • Ensure sound and balanced urban development, and contribute to building projects, service facilities and develop regions and wiliyats.
  • Protect public health and ensure necessary services and laboratory activities to ensure the health and safety and preserve the environment and water resources.
  • Assess, monitor, and develop water resources and manage it and ensure balance in the usage of water and renewable resources.
  • Preserve water resources and ensure their wise usage in all fields in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  • Spread awareness among all segments of the society and instill the principles of water preservation.
  • Propose laws related to the functions of the Ministry and update legislations to keep abreast with the latest developments.


  • Administration activities in the Regions
  • Application for registration of contractors drilling wells in the Regions
  • Applying for a license for water hotbeds in the Regions
  • Approval of a lease in the Regions
  • Approvals for stakeholders in the Regions
  • Certificate of completion of construction in the Regions
  • Certificate of completion of the work in the Regions
  • Connecting a new water meter
  • Form (19 / A) in the Regions
  • Form (19 / b) in the Regions
  • Pledged consultant in the Regions
  • Pledged to remove the violation in the Regions
  • Pledged to the contractor in the Regions
  • Proof of well ownership in the Regions
  • Register new lease in the Regions
  • Report to follow up the implementation of buildings in the Regions
  • Request a Medical Examination to Obtain a Health Card in the Regions
  • Request for permit to drill in the regions
  • Request issue/renew a license in the Regions
  • Request permission of offering hooka (Shisha) in the Regions
  • Request permit to build courtyard building in the regions
  • Request permit to extract underground well water in the regions
  • Request permit to maintain Aflaj and Springs in the Regions
  • Request to change trade name / site / activity in the Regions
  • Requested service in the Regions
  • Revoke the lease contract in the Regions
  • Signs extraction in the Regions
  • license to request a declaration in the Regions.
  • request for issuance / renewal of licence for cars transporting foodstuffs and certification examination for the police in the Regions

Establishment Address

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  4. Phone
    +968 24 60 22 70
  5. Fax
    +968 24 69 25 67
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