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Register Private Vehicles

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This service is provided for the public and private sectors, Omani nationals and expatriates.

Register Private Vehicles

Who can request this service

The public and private sectors, Omani nationals and expatriates.

Steps to follow to request the service

a.Process steps
  1. Dept. receives the original application.
  2. Dept. checks that it meets all requirements.
  3. Dept. enters all data in the computer system.
  4. Fees and signature are marked on the back of application.
  5. Fees, charges, and Fines incurred should be paid.
  6. The vehicle license and the receipt shall be printed out and delivered to the applicant.
  7. Applications of the private sector should be submitted by the Omani authorized representative.
b. List of Forms and procedures required:
  • Form of Registration filled in with particulars of the applicant or his authorized representative.
  • Selling/ buying documentations signed and stamped by the trader.
  • Customs Card.
  • Original certificate of cancellation, if the vehicle was temporarily cancelled.
  • Official instrument if the vehicle was purchased from an auction.
  • A letter from the mortgage company, if any.
  • Vehicle must be insured.
  • The owner or his legally authorized representative shall present in person.

What documents are needed to process

  • A copy of the ID card for Omani Nationals.
  • A copy of the residency card for expatriates.
  • A copy of the commercial register and signature specimen of the private sector and mortgage company, if any.
  • A copy of authorization of the company’s representative.

Special conditions if any applicable

  • 4WD shall be equipped with private number plates only at the approval of the DG of Traffic Police. Agents and traders of vehicle are excluded from this condition.
  • Pick ups and buses shall not be registered for expatriates.
  • Vehicles shall not be registered for visitors and passers by. (They must have a residency card.)
  • Only one pick up or a 25 passenger bus is allowed for an Omani national provided that he shall write a commitment that the vehicle would not be used for purposes other than private.
  • Pick ups and buses of companies would not have private number plates.
  • Vehicles that require private number plates should bring approval from Ministry of Finance for Government vehicles, from Security Offices for their vehicles, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the vehicles of diplomatic missions and international organizations.

How the service is processed

  • The application can be submitted any time during the working hours.
  • The transaction will be finalized at the time of submission.
  • The permit of the vehicle will directly be delivered to the applicant.
  • Payment should be through a credit card. (Cash is not permitted.)

How long will it take

Transaction will be finalized in (05 -10) minutes.

Forms related to this service

Fee to be paid

Description Fee to be paid Places of Payment
Less than 1500 CC engine RO 15
1500 – 3000 CC engine RO 20
More than 3000 – 4500 CC engine RO 30
More than 1500 CC engine RO 50
Tractor RO 40
Less than 3 ton trucks As per the engine capacity as mentioned above
3tons– less than 5 tons Truck RO 120
5 or more tons truck RO 180
Motorcycle RO 10
Passenger vehicles (taxi and buses)/ per person RO 1,500
Other vehicles (ambulance, road, vehicle license) RO 3
Government Plates(Long with logo) RO 25
Government Plates(Long without logo) RO 20
Government Plates(other dimensions) RO 4
Diplomatic Plate Numbers(Long) RO 12
Diplomatic Plate Numbers(Other plates) RO 8
Plate Fees: (Private, Commercial, Taxi, Rent, Learning, Motorcycle)Long RO 6
Plate Fees: (Private, Commercial, Taxi, Rent, Learning, Motorcycle)Medium – Short RO 4
Plate Fees: (Private, Commercial, Taxi, Rent, Learning, Motorcycle)Motorcycle RO 2
Fess of transferring vehicle license (all vehicles and motorcycle) RO 5
Technical Inspection fess (all types) RO 5

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. . Shall the buyer be present in person for registering a new vehicle?
The buyer is not required. Only the representative of the agency after completing all conditions and requirements.
  1. Is it allowed to register vehicles with private number plates for companies?
Yes, it is allowed provided that the vehicle is a sedan, a motorbike, and a van of 9 passengers. Number of vehicles is not limited.
  1. Is it permitted to use the private vehicles of companies for propaganda?
It is not permitted to use private vehicles for such purposes, nor is it permitted to write the name of the company or to stick the trademark. These vehicle cannot be rented.

Service Provider

Royal Oman Police

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